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Important Announcement!

Torrenttrader v3.0.0 public beta will be a rewrite and touch up
*Add udp support for all popular udp trackers
*Change the mailing system to ensure a better users interface.
*Change the way mods are added they will know use a plugin system
*Change the admin system in order to improve security
*Change the member management system like ip-board style in order to
have more control over site this is a must as it annoying that you can't setup
different group permission
*Change Theme system in order to make like easy and add smarty in
*Add a option in admincp buy support package etc they pay £5/mo for support from the
tt crew and have us fix the issues this also help fund the forum just a idea
*Rewrite the forum in order to give uses a better ui
*Rewhite torrent-details by adding comment system auto image resize based on setting in admincp more ajax refresh means less kicking to do.
*Rewrite the way sidebar works using plugins rather then php files
*and many more stuff to come

*torrenttrader v2.0.8 mods will need convert or may not be supported

If you like to help us in anyway please Donate to help keep tt alive :)

Torrent Bar

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Guest_loredan mihai_*

Guest_loredan mihai_*
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TorrentTrader v2.x no have torrent bar?
example: ↓ 0.00 KB - ↑ 0.00 KB - Ratio : NA

and if not have this script, how make? Please help :D !!!

sorry for my English ;)

Thx all!

Guest_loredan mihai_*

Guest_loredan mihai_*
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i figured out how to make the bar, i copied the script from tt clasic and it works. I added Rank :

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Thats not the same thing as u wanted in gd.

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